【DL510-2】Re-R HYBRID ver.零 マットブラック

Re-R HYBRID ver.極から改良され

オンラインショップにてご購入いただくと、D-Like 1/10 Real Body Seriseの中からお好きなボディを1台プレゼント♪♪
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Improved from Re-R HYBRID ver. KIWAMI
A new RWD kit, ver. Zero, is now available! !!

* As this is a reserved product, it cannot be ordered at the same time as other products. Please note.

* Delivery is scheduled for summer. We will inform you on this page as soon as it is known.

* Reservations will end as soon as the planned production quantity is reached.

If you purchase from the online shop, you will receive one body of your choice from D-Like 1/10 Real Body Serise ♪♪
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<< Improvement points >>
● The dog bone was removed from the front and the bearing size was changed to a size with less rotational resistance.
● The design of the front lower arm has been changed to match the RWD.
● Widen the range of motion of the steering plate and add more mounting holes
● The front pulley has been changed from 40T to 37T.
● Belt tensioner added
● Rear damper length adjustment function added
● Silicone color added to the rear lower arm
● Aluminum machined ball diff is standard equipment
● Change the shape of the front damper stay and optimize the position of the damper mounting holes
● The shape of the front bulkhead has been changed.
● Added steering post holes
● Main chassis shape change
● Battery holder new design
型番 DL510-2
販売価格 115,000円(税込126,500円)
在庫数 在庫 2 売切れ間近!

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