【DL461】Re-R HYBRID ダンパー 3.5 アップグレードセット S

Re-R HYBRID用オプションダンパーのアップグレードセット。
※Re-R HYBRIDの標準ショックからアップグレードに必要なパーツのみのセットです。




【DL450】3.5 ショックボディ S (ハードアルマイト仕様)
【DL452】5×2×1.7mm Eクリップ
【DL453】3.5 ショック シャフト S (チタンコート)
【DL456】3.5 シャフトガイド
【DL457】3.5 ショックダンパー用Xリング
【DL458】3×5×0.2mm シム


Upgraded options for Re-R HYBRID and dampers.
※ It is a set of only parts required for upgrade from the standard shock of Re-R HYBRID.
Here is the [S] type.

☆ ★ Conclusions derived by seeking ★ ☆
● Smooth from the initial operation!
● Lengthen the maintenance cycle!
● Stable damping force!
● The range of settings spreads!

Shaft diameter is thicker than standard
● When a load is applied from the side, the radius is gentle and the grounding part is large and dispersed over a wide range.
● The oil film is likely to remain between the shaft and the O-ring because oil is less likely to be pushed out of the contacts.

Because a film of oil is held between the shaft and the O-ring,
Protection of O-ring and intrusion of dust can be suppressed.
Sealing in the cylinder is easy to maintain.

【set content】
【DL450】 3.5 shock body S (hard alumite specification)
【DL452】 5 x 2 x 1.7 mm E clip
【DL453】 3.5 shock shaft S (titanium coat)
【DL456】 3.5 shaft guide
【DL457】 3.5 X-ring for shock damper
【DL458】 3 x 5 x 0.2 mm shim

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型番 DL461
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